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When I was a little girl, we racked up flip-file after flip-file of stickers. Anything we could get our hands on to start, but eventually we progressed to what we saw as ‘rare’ and ‘special’. My little sister had a sticker of a dinosaur that was the epitome of both those – it was as big as half a sheet of A4 and made of sparkly paper that glittered as you moved it. She adored that sticker, and so did I – enough that I still remember the thing.

Fast forward a *few* years, and my daughter is now an almost 3-year-old who loves stickers too. She doesn’t collect them, she’s still a bit young for that. No, her greatest pleasure is in sticking stickers wherever a sticker will stick. A wall, a shoe, her own nose. Especially her own nose. I have stickers coming out of my ears, I find them on the bottom of my socks, and on the inside of my leggings. They’re like little love notes my daughter leaves me unintentionally and they always make me smile.

Cheesy-ness aside, stickers are actually great for toddlers! Scratch that, stickers are AWESOME. They build fine motor skills wonderfully as our children need to use a delicate pincer grip to peel them from their page. The act of holding the page with one hand while peeling the sticker with the other finely tunes their bilateral hand coordination (bet you didn’t know that was a thing!) Peeling a sticker off of whatever they stuck it to and the resistance it provides builds the muscles in their tiny hands

Activities with stickers :

Sticker Scanning

You can either use a sheet of stickers before they are used, or play with a page once your child has finished placing stickers all over it. Put the page in front of your child and ask them to find a specific sticker. They will have to use their visual scanning skills to look around the page and find the one you want.

Sticker Walls

So easy but perfect to keep your child busy for a bit if you need to get something done. A few blank pages on the wall at toddler head height, and some pages of stickers, and let them go mad! My daughter is great at only sticking on the paper (but she’s never been the kind to draw on walls, so I guess we’re lucky!) but if you’re kids stickers do wonder, you can just make peeling the stickers off the wall again part of the game – and work those hand muscles as they do it!

Join the dots

Let your toddler stick a handful of stickers on a page – help them to make sure the stickers have a bit of space between then. Then give them a crayon and ask them to draw a line from one sticker to the other, until all the stickers are joined.

Sticker Lines

Draw a straight line or a zig zag or even a circle and have your toddler stick the stickers on the line to make up the shape. This is an awesome fine motor skills activity! You can use the plain circle stickers or let your child use their own stickers for a crazy work of art!

Handy tip – you can peel away the surrounding paper from a fresh sheet of stickers, so that only the stickers themselves are left. This makes it a little easier for a toddler to grab a corner to lift the sticker and can stave off much frustration.

 I hope you enjoy all the sticker fun!

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