Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Us mom’s don’t have it easy, but we wouldn’t trade that for the world! Taking care of a toddler can seem like a thankless task, so take a bit of time to make Mother’s Day special for her. We’ve made it so easy – just download and print!

If you want to put in a bit more time, here are some more ideas for home made gifts from your toddler:

Macaroni Necklace

So easy! And a great way for your toddler to practice their threading skills. They can even paint the macaroni first with non-toxic paint.

Salt Dough Hand Print

This one requires a bit more work, but if your kids are a little bigger they can help make the dough, the recipe is below here. Alternatively you can use store bought air-dry clay (you can find on TakeAlot, at The Crazy Store, or most other craft/hobby shops)

Once you’ve made the dough, roll it out to about 7mm thick, and then use a bowl or large mug to cut out a circle (big enough for your child’s hand). Press your child’s hand into the dough being sure to press down right to the tips of the fingers.

You can use a toothpick to press their name into the dough next to the handprint if you like, or make a hole in the top so that the print can be hung up once dry.

The dough will take a couple of days if you let it air dry, but you can speed up the process significantly by popping it into the oven on a low heat (say about 90°C) for a few hours.

Once dry and cooled, let your child paint it and voila!

Home Movie

Our smartphones really open up new possibilities! This is an idea we could never have pulled off when I was a kid, now it’s as easy as pressing a button on your cellphone!

Record your kid/kids saying a nice message for mom, or really go all out and have them act out a silly little movie (maybe pretend to be mom? Or a scene from their favourite TV show)
You can do some simple editing using a free app like imovie , and there you go!

Mothers Day Message Onesie or T-shirt

Just write ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ or a sweet message to mom on a onesie or t-shirt and have your child wear it. Then make breakfast (or at least coffee) and surprise her in bed with the child wearing your homemade message!

This works really well if it’s her first Mother’s Day with baby, and I actually did this for my husband’s first Father’s Day after Olivia was born. I used a basic white onesie and a laundry marker and wrote ‘Happy 1st Fathers Day’ on it. He had left in the early hours for work, but when he got back we surprised him with breakfast and she was wearing the special onesie. He loved it and I guarantee your child’s mom will too, it’s something she can keep and treasure!

Handmade Card

Last but not least, use one of our free printables below to print her a card. Some require your child’s handprint, which you can do using paint or washable ink, or even just trace with a pen. There are both folded and postcard style cards.

Bottom line is, have fun! Make it a project that your child can really get involved in so that when they give the card to mom, their pride shines through!

Bear Family Card 
Coolest Mom Card 
Elephant Card 
Favourite Child Card 
I Whale Love You Card 
Little Hand Card

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